Welcome to the website of the Alpaca Association Benelux

The Alpaca Association Benelux is an international association that was set up on 3rd.  June 2014.

The aims of the association are: 

·      Promotion of alpacas in the Benelux.
·      Improvement of breeding stock with the aid of a registry that also incorporates registration of pedigree, with the possibility to validate it through DNA testing.
·      To provide general information on keeping alpacas, including husbandry, health and breeding.
·      To maintain contact with international alpaca associations in Europa, Australia and New Zealand in order to keep up to date with issues relating to alpacas.

All work undertaken on behalf for the association is done by people on a voluntary basis.
The association hopes to be able to welcome everyone interested in alpacas as a member: large breeders, small breeders and alpaca holders.

If you would you like to become a member click on the following link : membership

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